Do you want to know what the hottest 2020 spring trends are? I've been doing some shopping and researching and have found these 15 items that are MUST HAVES if you want to stay in style through the spring!
  1. The basic waist coat! What is a waist coat? Think of a three piece suit, but only the coat. These are hot right now. Especially when you pair them with a graphic tee.
  2. I like big bags and I cannot lie! Big bags are in for springtime. Get rid of your cross body purse, or in my case, the backpack, and get yourself an oversized bag!
  3. Now, this trend is something that is out of my comfort zone and I'm assuming most of yours, as well. Hot Pants. :) Just an FYI: I will not be ordering any Hot Pants for the store. 
  4. Corsets are another hot look for the spring. I think a tight fitting, solid colored bodice would be adorable underneath the basic waist coat!
  5. Want to wear flowers this spring? Well, think big and old curtain style! The 70's are officially back. The bigger & colorful the better!
  6. Leather, leather, and more leather. Bonus points if it is colored leather!
  7. Number 7 goes directly with #1. If you want to up your style game, your waist jacket should be WHITE! They are saying white is the new black this spring season.
  8. Ahhhh.... polka dots! I remember wearing a very colorful polka dotted shorts set to a musical festival once. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it was checkered too! But skip the checkers, for now.
  9. Along with the bigger bags, we're also seeing a lot of chunky necklaces. This was a huge fashion trend a year or two ago. Pairing a chunky necklace with a graphic tee is something I still do.... I guess I'm back in the loop!
  10. Loafers. That is all.
  11. Different shapes are in. Pear shaped tops or bell shaped tops are all the rage. This is a plus if you're someone that isn't a fan of their mid section. Often times, these shapes can be very flattering.
  12. Now.... along with the Hot Pants comes #12. This is also a look that Tula's will not get on board with, BUT if you got it, flaunt it. Bras as outerwear. That's right! Wear a bra and nothing else. Hmmmm....
  13. Rope Belts. Get rid of those leather belts and go buy yourself some rope! Tie yourself up like a hostage or something. I don't get it, but... fashion is fashion. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
  14. Baggy Trousers. My.Kind.Of.Style! I remember my very first pair of carpenter jeans. I was in high school and they were Union Bay brand! I thought I was pretty hot stuff strutting around in my big baggy jeans. Well, ladies, they're back!
  15. And the pattern that is hot for spring? Anything crocheted!  So..I'm seeing a pattern here. It looks like we are back to the 90's. I had a white crocheted sweater that, you guessed it, I wore with my Union Bay pants. Bonus: I paired it with a hot pink, ribbed body suit!